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Last updated: 22 december 2019
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ShagParadise - Con, con, very big con


This site is only after money. You will find lots of attractive girls and mature ladies. All want to meet but then either never reply or let's keep talking on here.
They are NOT here to meet up they are fake profiles that say I am near, you and are miles away and here to make you spend. Keep clear if you want a date. Look at the ladies, but don't waste your money

Nice to look at!!


BigMrT does NOT recommend ShagParadise to friends/family

ShagParadise - Shagparadise


Do NOT sign up to this site. It's a total waste of time and money. The women who message you promise you everything but never deliver.They just egg you on to spend more credits and then disappear.Some are so amazingly hot that they would never be short of sex.I had a message from one whose supposedly lived nearby but who I recognised as Nina Hartley a famous porn star from LA.

Photos of hot women

Promises much but delivers nothing

maxwell does NOT recommend ShagParadise to friends/family

ShagParadise - ShagParadise Scam


This site charges for each mail you send min £1.25 up to £1.65 and to get them at £1.25 you would have to buy £249 to buy the 200 credit pack. I have messages over 100 members on this site and despite some messages exchanges of 30-40 messages none of them actually wanted to meet for coffee let alone anything else. They are all message trolls just trying to get you to use all your credits up so you buy more. So my experience is 100% Trolls. Which is another name for lying theives.
Do not waste time and money on this site - you have been warned.


Thieves and liers
Take your money and deliver NOTHING for it
You are funding some stealing rat's next Porche

Lee Donogh does NOT recommend ShagParadise to friends/family

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