Police investigation required?

Police investigation required?

5205, a man DOB 07/05/1952, looking for a woman age 54 - 70 Chatting with Deborahh00x! Actually, 5205’s description is deliberately inaccurate, as the purpose of joining the site, and ultimately purchasing the minimum number of credits, was to test its honesty and decency. What follows is a series of messages: 1] From Deborahh00x 16 Feb 2020 5:21 PM: Are you a talkative person? I am really, but I like it more face to face. Here I can't see your facial expression and I don't like that. I want to invite you to my home tonight, for a drink or a dinner, whatever you like and feel comfortable. I have a cat so I hope you are an animal lover. Response from 520516 Feb 2020 6:50 PM: I can be talkative, depending on the subject. 'Cards on the table', I've got 10 years on you, you're an attractive lady, what's the catch? Actually I'm sending this message to use-up my remaining 4 credits as I'm finding the site about as much use a 'tit's on a bull'! So once the credits are gone, I will be too!! But if you want to carry-on a conversation you can email to: [email protected] 2] From Deborahh00x 16 Feb 2020 7:02 PM: Hmm, your profile does not describe you as a talkative bloke. What kind of topics interest you for discussions? I'm new here so you shouldn't blame me for what has happened. Response from 5205 17 Feb 2020 1:30 PM: Ok, no email, so I have to message via the site, quite expected! I suspect that: Your profile is false, the messages to me are from the site, the process is fraudulent and designed to encourage genuine users to purchase credits to send messages (a con and a scam). How strange (and coincidental) that you have a cat, it brought the image of a kitten & tiger to mind! What about 6Cheyenne1? If you're genuine, send an email, that's the test! 3] From Deborahh00x 17 Feb 2020 1:40 PM: I do not entertain such falsehood throwing any harsh word and hate people you think who mislead you. For me, I am honest with my words and indeed. Do you consider me as your real friend? Response from 5205 17 Feb 2020 1:53 PM: Ha! 2 credits remaining, only one after this message, then no more to use and none will be purchased. No email then... test failed. Reading your last message, it seems that English may not be your first language, maybe Dutch is. I don't think I'm being misled, I know I am. No I don't consider you my "real friend", I'm confident that you're a scammer and a fraudster; If not send an email. 4] From Deborahh00x 17 Feb 2020 2:22 PM: Do you think i am really really sexy and sizzling hot considering my age sweet heart? I am already fifty seven years old sweet heart? What do you think about that sweet heart? Response from 5205 17 Feb 2020 3:43 PM: Last credit. This is how the site works: It uses false profiles, including images of people without their permission (which is misrepresentation, derogatory and illegal). The images may be of genuine people who are no longer site users who've wanted their information deleted. The false profiles are used to send messages to genuine people, it costs nothing. It's done so as to defraud genuine people by encouraging them to buy credits to reply to the false messages. What do you think about that sweet heart... Also what do you think about my review, Police investigation and prosecution for fraud required? See it on https://www.datingwebsite-reviews.co.uk/reviews/shagparadise/

None what so ever

Fraudulent site

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