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    Looking for a fuck buddy or sexchat

    I need a regular fuck buddy in my life or cybersex every day. I do not talk to younger than 25 and those with fake profiles. I'll be here

    All are a Scam.......

    thethreesomeclub ..... .... thethreesomeclub .... theadulthub

    Don't pay to join any of these......... You get fake messages from the site saying.....I'm near you.....Want to talk ?...........In reality the person lives hundreds of miles away.......Google or Tineye the persons photo's and you will find that most are copied from adult sites......Add to that...........You get messages from people who are'nt what you were looking for.....So they obviously did'nt read your profile.......Point out a fake to other members and add proof........Your comment is instantly deleted by the site .... Report the fake profile to the sites admin....With proof the images are stolen..........Nothing gets done......It's all a scam to get your money........All 3 sites should be shut down........

    None at all........

    All they want is your money......Don't be fooled......

    Cheated of our money

    We are a couple and started into the swinging lifestyle. We first became free members with theadulthub and then on we wanted to take it further so we paid and became VIP members. It was all going fine and we met few couples through the site. Then suddenly about 2-3 months ago we stopped getting any notification from theadulthub. We did not realise until 2 months later when a person we met through the site asked us if we have deleted our profile as he could not see our profile. We then contacted customer care and they told us our id has been marked as 'suspicious', they gave us no reason, so we could not contact anyone nor could anyone contact us and our profile was hidden. We did not get any notification of this and we were able to know just cos our friend asked us. The best is they said the only way to verify our account is by posting 'full face pic' with todays date and our id written on a piece of paper. After a lot of arguing we finally put up only my face pic as I did not want to expose my partner and when I did that the site told me that since its a couple account they need 'full face' of both of us. That made us blow our lids and we gave up on theadulthub. For a few dollars we were not going to compromise on our safety and identity. So we still have 4 months subscription left and 2 months previously wasted so all in all for a 1yr subscription we were only able to use it for 6 months. So please dont go for theadulthub, there are much better sites which when you google shows up and if you see 'theadulthub' is not even on that list.

    None after they cheated us

    Everything, especially their attitude. If this is how they treat VIP members then imagine people joining for free.

    Holy crap this site is a steaming pile of shit

    This site is a blatant scam. 99% of profiles are fake. The admins are a bunch of dismissive scum. There is NOTHING to recommend regarding this money-grubbing scam. it beggars belief sites like this remain active. they should be shit down.



    Not happy # waste of time and money

    Get bombarded with messages form fake foreign women Sat down probably reciiving payment of some kind to waste people's time , I subscribed through mobile phone credit for a month cost me 40 and I want a refund in the process as we speak , profiles saying you need to get odp what the fuck ? Never heard of it another money making unsafe thing you are signing up for . Disgusted and won't ever use anything like this again gotta thank you for that I suppose putting me off #cunts


    All of the above

    Adult hub

    I have just started with adulthub.after completing my profile I liked one profile and she liked back.and she send me messege.But I cant read without payment.what will I do?
    Is that a fake?
    What is the good site to get match with??

    Suddently some unknow Lady starts talking BUT no info about her...

    I have been using the site from Dhaka, BD. I agree with other reviews. I can communicate with any members without paying the Admin. I was sitting in chat room , suddenly a girl knock me & inviting me to go to her place (home) for fucking without giving any single info about her self. She just mention a place name in Dhaka City that's it. After talking with her , I am concern about security because if i consider about present social condition then these kind of activities should be done with Trustworthy person. I mean , need to build up Trust first then action but I got surprise after talking with her. She use to talk in such way that either I should take the proposal or leave her if I am not interested . Take it or leave it.

    If you anybody here if you gone through such situation please share your story.


    This website is a joke . Do not join ! Even trying to delete your profile is a drama . Its full of fake profiles . And the admin staff are rude.

    Don't bother...........

    Join 1 You get put on all

    Join free.......Add a profile......And suddenly loads of Females view you.........Then give you a.... LIKE YOUR PROFILE.......Then without you even viewing that person
    they suddenly message you......Most of the time you can't read the message without paying......The site says Member is not receiving messages from standard members....If you can reply....Most of the time that member will not reply and you'll only get to send them 1 message....Even though that person has sent you one first....Here comes the good bit.......None of the messages will start with...Hi Adam.......Even though you profile name could be ADAM8654.......Other messages will start with.....Hi you don't live far from me send me a message.....Then you suddenly realise that member lives 300 miles away......You will also notice that most messages you get will seem to read the same as many others.......As if they are computer generated and send without the member knowing........You will also notice that some really attractive members only have 1 photo.....I use Google image search to see if they genuine.....Quite often the photo is fake and has been copied......So suspect it's a scammer at work........If you comment on the fake member.......Or add proof they are fake......The site will remove your comment.........Why.......Because they don't care........All they want is your money......And they won't remove the fake/scammers profile either......So there you go.....That is the truth.....


    They are only after your money.....

    Fake fake fake

    Don't waste your money on this site guys! I can not stress enough how fake this site is!
    They constantly send you fake messages which I replied to, only for the website to email me telling me I'd got a reply., it was the same original message again, obviously not from her!. So many other examples if you want them! D

    Occasionally some nice pics

    Totally fake messages

    Beware of The Adult Hub

    The site will send fake messages and flirts from other members in an attempt to get you to sign up. (cannot read or respond until you pay!) This is not an honorable site for swingers! BEWARE!


    They will do anything to get your cash.

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