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Mature flirting for adults - Find your mature match today at Findmyfling.com

Searching for a mature flirting website? Find your mature match! We will hook you up and you will get laid! Join now for...
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Secret Milf Club

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My Dirty Fling

Mydirtyfling.com - UK's biggest collection of adult profiles

UK's biggest collection of adult...
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Mystery Flirt

Flirting for adults - Find a sexcontact in your local area at Mysteryflirt.com

Searching for a mature flirting website? Find a sexcontact in your local area at Mysteryflirt.com! Join now for...
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Yes, it's that simple. As a member of fullbloomflirt.com you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the search options you need to find what you're looking for......
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Reviews about Full Bloom Flirt
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Full Bloom Flirt

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Victoria Milan

You only live once as they say, and we want to help you live it to the fullest by establishing this excitingly friendly meeting place for you to privately spice up your everyday life. Victoria Milan understands what you want and we offer you the chance of a lifetime!

Victoria Milan is the first...
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Reviews about Flirty Moms
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Flirty Moms

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Adult FriendFinder

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With over 30 million members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best online adult dating and swingers site to meet singles and couples looking for steamy hookups. To start meeting sexy singles now, sign up for free...
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Flirting Shemales

Shemale contact adds - Flirt online with Shemales in the UK

Searching for a shemale in the UK? Flirtingshemales has hundreds of horny shemales waiting for you. FREE...
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More reviews

British Sex Contacts - Cash Bleeders


Total shite. £10 for 10 messages, the ' women ' want to get to get to know you on the site first, give you the spiel with all the ' i want to get to know you better ' and ' I thought I was getting you excited babe ' and you ask for their number, give them yours and the credits run out, you're no closer to getting anywhere near them. Total blag, avoid like the plague

Absolutely NONE!

Yes! A complete con

Daryl does NOT recommend British Sex Contacts to friends/family

Flirting Shemales - Fake


Have contacted many of supposedly shemales that hve proved that the site is there for the sole purpose of getting one to buy credits.When you ask direct questions replies are always answered by more questions When trying to request a meeting they all come up with an excuse that they can't manage

james does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

The Adult Hub - Cheated of our money


We are a couple and started into the swinging lifestyle. We first became free members with theadulthub and then on we wanted to take it further so we paid and became VIP members. It was all going fine and we met few couples through the site. Then suddenly about 2-3 months ago we stopped getting any notification from theadulthub. We did not realise until 2 months later when a person we met through the site asked us if we have deleted our profile as he could not see our profile. We then contacted customer care and they told us our id has been marked as 'suspicious', they gave us no reason, so we could not contact anyone nor could anyone contact us and our profile was hidden. We did not get any notification of this and we were able to know just cos our friend asked us. The best is they said the only way to verify our account is by posting 'full face pic' with todays date and our id written on a piece of paper. After a lot of arguing we finally put up only my face pic as I did not want to expose my partner and when I did that the site told me that since its a couple account they need 'full face' of both of us. That made us blow our lids and we gave up on theadulthub. For a few dollars we were not going to compromise on our safety and identity. So we still have 4 months subscription left and 2 months previously wasted so all in all for a 1yr subscription we were only able to use it for 6 months. So please dont go for theadulthub, there are much better sites which when you google shows up and if you see 'theadulthub' is not even on that list.

None after they cheated us

Everything, especially their attitude. If this is how they treat VIP members then imagine people joining for free.

Arun does NOT recommend The Adult Hub to friends/family

Secret Milf Club - CON site


The secret milf club... is a dutch scam site.
I had two replies that were exactly the same word for word
When you say that this is your last credit, yes you have to pay for every mail you send!! they will say, please put more credits on darling or hun.
You will get 100's of emails a day, some will say - I like your profile photo. I didn't have one.
TOTAL waste of time


Everything, you will be fleeced and you won't meet anyone.

Martin 63 does NOT recommend Secret Milf Club to friends/family

Secret Milf Club - to be removed from your email list, thank you.


I have had hundreds of emails from ladies looking for sex, I am fed up with deleting them so please remove me from your site.

roy wilton does NOT recommend Secret Milf Club to friends/family

The Adult Hub - Holy crap this site is a steaming pile of shit


This site is a blatant scam. 99% of profiles are fake. The admins are a bunch of dismissive scum. There is NOTHING to recommend regarding this money-grubbing scam. it beggars belief sites like this remain active. they should be shit down.



Fritz does NOT recommend The Adult Hub to friends/family



So many desperate client that want sex yesterday but they never get passed chatting, the site is a sham and the only one that gets anything out of this is the Dutch Owners. Do not waste your money.

Fake site


Arteet does NOT recommend Find my Fling to friends/family