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Mydirtyfling.com - UK's biggest collection of adult profiles

UK's biggest collection of adult...
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Mystery Flirt

Flirting for adults - Find a sexcontact in your local area at Mysteryflirt.com

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Yes, it's that simple. As a member of fullbloomflirt.com you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages and pages and even more pages with photos of possible matches, and all the search options you need to find what you're looking for......
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Full Bloom Flirt

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Victoria Milan

You only live once as they say, and we want to help you live it to the fullest by establishing this excitingly friendly meeting place for you to privately spice up your everyday life. Victoria Milan understands what you want and we offer you the chance of a lifetime!

Victoria Milan is the first...
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Secret Milf Club

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Flirty Moms

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Adult FriendFinder

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With over 30 million members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best online adult dating and swingers site to meet singles and couples looking for steamy hookups. To start meeting sexy singles now, sign up for free...
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Flirting Shemales

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More reviews

Cheaters Cloud - Cheaters cloud review


Looks good and the females pictures are very attractive, which raises concerns; so many attractive females all on this site! Mmm

You pay £15 for 10 messages and when you message a female they seem to make sure they keep you messaging so you have to buy more messages at £15 or more messages for a higher price.

I don't believe these women are real and suspect they are completely false kept there to keep you spending money on messages.

I messaged 2 females to test this and I said I can't chat let's meet. ..our profiles matched in terms of hookups etc..but no...they keep you chatting because you spend more money on messages.

If ur happy to spend money talking to people at £1.50 a message go for it

Looks like you will never meet them but you can chat all day for a fortune.

Andrew does NOT recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

British Sex Contacts - ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF RUBBISH!!


Thankfully I only threw away £20 on this site before realising something was wrong. You go through all these profiles of women that I now believe don't even exist. The profiles make out they're horny, not looking for drama, want to meet you NOW, until you start chatting, burning through your credits in the meantime.

Very strange that on THREE occasions the moment you mention meeting up the conversation either goes dead or they're like 'oh no babe, I'd like you to tell me what else you like'. A REAL woman, with everything said in her profile and the conversation she'd just had with you, would be tripping over herself to meet you. This is simply an online version of those chat lines, keep you talking as long as possible with a fake profile, meanwhile your using credits and spending money trying a set up a hookup that will never happen.

Did a reverse Google search on the images of the three women I thought I was talking to and found they'd simply been harvested from various porn sites. This site is a total scam!


Yeah, the profiles look inviting...

Pity the profiles are fake

Raymond does NOT recommend British Sex Contacts to friends/family

Swipe Secrets - Dishonest manipulators of vulnerable people


This is an appalling fraudulent con by people or a person of no conscience or consideration making money from the misfortune of others. This must be something for the regulators and the prosecuting authorities.

Absolutely none at all.

“Con” is the right word and covers the whole thing.

Anthony does NOT recommend Swipe Secrets to friends/family

Swipe Secrets - guidelines to recognise dating scams


1) Huge immediate response, all with exaggerated passions and descriptions. I had 600 in about four days, all wanting immediate, urgent sex.

2) Contact information or details of when, where, or specifics are never given, but requests to message back with punters' info is always immediate. The goal is always to keep punters online messaging. Guilt, anger, and insulting criticisms are employed to shame punters to oblige. One poor woman I spoke to had spent £600 in a month and never met a man, and she was attractive!

Entertaining and ego flattering if you have time to waste and more money then brains. But, don't expect to ever meet anyone from the site - all fake.

It is false to claim SwipeSecrets as a dating site. The fundamental design is to assure that no one ever meets for then the revenue stops flowing. Site is censored to prevent any contact dating. The man or woman using the site can be assured that they never "date" anyone. Example: my email contact was coded into my profile while 600 eager women for sex messaged me without one ever using the free email contact given.

James Mall does NOT recommend Swipe Secrets to friends/family

British Sex Contacts - Cash Bleeders


Total shite. £10 for 10 messages, the ' women ' want to get to get to know you on the site first, give you the spiel with all the ' i want to get to know you better ' and ' I thought I was getting you excited babe ' and you ask for their number, give them yours and the credits run out, you're no closer to getting anywhere near them. Total blag, avoid like the plague

Absolutely NONE!

Yes! A complete con

Daryl does NOT recommend British Sex Contacts to friends/family

Flirting Shemales - Fake


Have contacted many of supposedly shemales that hve proved that the site is there for the sole purpose of getting one to buy credits.When you ask direct questions replies are always answered by more questions When trying to request a meeting they all come up with an excuse that they can't manage

james does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

Swipe Secrets - You have to be completly gullible


I only ended up here by tracking down contact mail addresses for this scammer to report them to the Federal Trade Commission for violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. Once you are on a spammers mailing list, you get bombarded with these crooked fraud dating sites.

Whilst getting contact addresses, I took a look at some of these so called 'dating sites' They all work on the same scamming principle. This Swipe Secrets is exactly the same.

If you look at the 'terms and conditions' of these sites you can see they say ''This site reserves the right to create fictitious profiles. This site is for entertainment purposes only' It is not possible to meet these profiles''

This is the way these crooks just stay on the right side of the law and avoid prosecution and jail time for fraud. Of course this disclaimer is buried under an avalanche of small print that most guys would never read, yet they click on ''I agree with these terms'' when they join.

I haven't done anything with this scam site, but I did join up one called localseductress.com. I did this to get a contact mail address to report them, and also take a look at one of these rip off sites in action.

I made the most ridiculous profile that no woman would ever even look at, just to see if it would get any interest. I chose a real nerdy, and spotty geek photo with thick glasses for my profile picture. My description was ''I'm 4' 7'' tall and have a 3 inch penis when fully erect. It's a little small I know - Sorry. B.T.W I'm still a virgin. I also love trains and stamp collecting''

Would you believe it, I was bombarded with messages, around 100 messages a day at least, from the most beautiful hot chicks. They were saying I was the hottest guy on the site, and they all wanted to screw me into oblivion lol

So it just goes to show we've misunderstood women all along. They don't lust after big muscled and tanned hunks, they really desire pale and spotty little wimps - NOT!

This just highlights what a complete con all these 'Buy credit for chat' dating sites really are.

These dating scam sites are nothing but parasites who prey on lonely guys. Don't be one of those guys!

Give all these cash for credit dating sites a wide birth.

None at all

It's all one huge con.

mojo does NOT recommend Swipe Secrets to friends/family