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    White lable dating / just singles = Rip off | Fraud

    Do Not use any dating site affiliated with white label dating such as just singles.
    their entire practice is a scam. Every person who may show an interest turns out to be an expired or inactive account and you will not receive messages once you have replied to someone . this is a well known practice of some dubious dating sites. Also despite buying a 1 time subscription you will likely be charged again.
    People are employed to entice with msgs appearing to be sent from attractive people only for them not to reply once you initiate a conversation.

    Also if you have signed up your profile is likely to be used on their other site, even swinger or worse site to try and entice other unwitting dating hopefuls.

    NON rip of merchants and Fraudsters

    good value so far

    I've been on the site a few months now - went on perhaps 6 dates. No marriage proposal yet ;) but the profiles are legit people. Other sites I've been a member of, I've questioned that (e.g. very attractive women who write generic messages but never reply to my reply, etc). Other than that, not much to say. Positive experience.

    real people
    good value
    easy to use

    more people in my age group? I live in a smallish village so perhaps that's asking too much.

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