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Every day millions of people use Plentyoffish to find that someone special. Plentyoffish users send billions of messages every year and arrange millions of dates. You are not going to find any other site this effective or has more singles looking to meet new people.

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    Avoid POF, full of loser men with criminal records

    After spending a year off and on POF, I've found that POF is probably 80% weirdos and losers, many of whom have criminal records. This was verified by police who told me to get off POF as it was full of men with histories - that they had many reports from women about men they met on there. I've had some very creepy messages from men, some just plain offensive, rude, etc - not a positive site at all a lot of players out there just wanting sex and lying about what they really want just to try to get into your pants

    it's free and you get lots of messages

    most of the messages are from absolute creeps or total goons who should be on undateables

    Soooooo Many Fakes

    This site is crowded with fake profiles. I kept (almost daily) getting Favourite notifications from women half my age who's profiles miraculously disappeared when I logged on the check them out. Contacted the site management, who fobbed me off with BS about spelling errors.

    Are there any??

    Wall to wall fake profiles & dishonest, money grabbing management.

    Waste of time

    Dont get fooled to think that your personal data including your photo are not sold they are.

    Watch BBC Panorama and you will see what I mean!

    This site A total waste of time and space

    I got to agree with what the these two people are saying about this site, ever since I joint it I have had nothing but time wasters wasting my time people seem to spoil it by taking about s*x word all the time rather than getting to know you and want to date for the right thing rather than the wrong thing, I have been on many dating sites and this is one of the worst site across the board I would not recommend this site to anyone not even my family! I even found that my profile wasn't even being found in the search engines of the site if I wanted this I would have to pay to be found to be honest I wouldn't waste my money! So disappointed in the site was so hoping to find someone decent which now days is hard to find.

    Totally a con having to pay to be put in the search engine to be found on the site RIP OFF !!

    What a complete utter waste of time this site is

    What a complete utter waste of time this site is, being free it is only populated by timewasters, people who want a cheap thrill without any intention of doing anything, if I could delete my profile I would.

    Guys, and probably Girls, you are wasting your time, get pissed, play tiddly winks, watch paint dry, drill your own face, pull your own teeth, it will be more fun than this site.

    Desperately trying to think of one, oh yes it is free, but so is shit.

    Utter, utter waste of time, filled with idiots, vast geographical areas meet someone local defaults to the entire country!, the site that people go on when pissed at two in the morning, because it is free.

    Too much going on at once

    While like any dating site there's a big range of people to choose from, the forums could very well give you a massive migraine. There are too many forums. It's too confusing when you try to find the last thread you posted in. I get that getting to know someone from discussion forums is more of an ideal way to know who you're talking with. It's just a bit head-achy. Forum overload :/


    Too many forum topics

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