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    Waste of time, please don't be fooled into wasting your money

    I'll just re-iterate what others have said here. First of all this is a networked dating site, which means a lot of the matches you get on here are actually from other sites. I realise this is standard practice in this industry, however if you're joining the site in the hope of being matched with Academics (which let's face it, is the basic premise), then you'll be sorely disappointed.

    The other thing to be wary of is that the site substitutes standard placeholder photos for people who have not uploaded a photo of their own. And it's safe to say that these photos are fairly attractive models. I feel this is downright misleading, not to say unethical.

    The final warning to make is that you will initially get a lot of messages, which can lead you to believe that you have the potential to make a lot of contacts, and that lots of people are interested in you. However, these messages are almost all completely fake as they are sent automatically on your behalf to potential matches. In other words, you will be sending messages to other users without your knowledge, and you will receive messages supposedly from other users, but who have never even looked at your profile.

    All in all, just stay clear. If you are unlucky enough to have fallen for it and subscribed, then good luck working out how to cancel. Once they've got their claws into your credit card details, they'll keep on billing...


    The whole thing is a con

    Shoddy and not academic

    I spent a total of five minutes on this site before it became obvious that it is NOT what it claims to be.
    Besides the fact that its own materials are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors (not very academic!) all of my matches had manual jobs and no evidence of further or higher education. The fact that the site's fees are so high suggests it is providing a service that others don't- namely a tailored service for people who have struggled to find appropriate matches on larger sites. It is evidently NOT doing this, and I will not be subscribing at £30 a month thank you!

    Do not join

    I joined in the belief that I would meet fellow academics but the majority of people listed are not academics - in fact I wonder if they even exist! The photos are not real for starters. And then when my first six months was up and I wanted to cancel - I found I couldn't The website did not seem to have that option. Now they are hounding me with threatening emails for more money. Why? My access to the website is closed so what would I be paying for and why should I pay. I have instructed my credit card not to pay anything to this company. I suggest you steer clear of them completely It is one big scam


    No one will answer any messages you send
    Photos are not real.
    Their website is hard to negotiate.

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