ShagParadise Review - Con, con, very big con

ShagParadise - Con, con, very big con


This site is only after money. You will find lots of attractive girls and mature ladies. All want to meet but then either never reply or let's keep talking on here.
They are NOT here to meet up they are fake profiles that say I am near, you and are miles away and here to make you spend. Keep clear if you want a date. Look at the ladies, but don't waste your money

Nice to look at!!


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Date: 16 februari 2020 - 22:43

By: Whammy

I notice all the tempting invitations from the girls sounded as though they had been composed by men. No matter how desperate a girl is to engage with a man, they do not talk in such crude language. Most of them encourage you to talk about your life and desires. That amount s to a great of money. Alas, it appears to be a method of someone making a great deal of money.

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