Woman nearby secretly looking for your attention. There is something for everyone. As a member of MyKinkyFling you will have all the tools you need. An easy-to-use interface, pages of profiles to kink with, and all the search options you need to find the fetish you're looking for... fast.

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    Brilliant site

    This is NOT a dating site .. it doesn't pretend to be .. its an entertainment / erotic fantasy site. Everybody creates their own character .. which may or may not be fictitious,, having created your part you act it out .. it is a sort of game.
    It is brilliantly structured organised and designed and a pleasure to use.
    Clearly no-one is available 24/7 to create messages .. so there must be ghost writers .. these are of variable quality and sometimes strike a false note .. not too surprising as this is a high speed , high octane site.
    It is also expensive and can swallow up your money quickly .. so nobody stays on the site more than 2 days.
    It's great fun .. but use it sparingly .. say once a month.
    Create a different character each month.
    It's like acting .. and full of surprises.
    The organisers and designers are brilliant

    a delight to use

    expensive .. possibly addictive


    This website is a scam and very clever.
    All the profiles are fake. The girls couldnt take photos of themselves live because they werent the people you were talking to. They would continually ask you to keeptalking to them over and over again manipulating you sexually with no intention of meeting up and taking your money in the process.

    They wouldnt call you for theget next step. Unable to give Facebook Instagram Snapchat Whats App accounts because they didnt exist and profiles were fake.

    The site would send similar messages from different profiles saying to meet up but once you got chatting itwas evident that it woud never happen.

    Fake scamming website

    Fake Dating Site

    There are no real profiles or real women on this site,all profiles are there to make the site money.
    None of the "women" on the site want to meet up even though their profiles say they do,they just want you to keep messaging them which costs you money

    Do not bother with this site.


    Fake dating site,just there to make the site owners money.

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