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Brilliant site

This is NOT a dating site .. it doesn't pretend to be .. its an entertainment / erotic fantasy site. Everybody creates their own character .. which may or may not be fictitious,, having created your part you act it out .. it is a sort of game. It is brilliantly structured organised and designed and a pleasure to use. Clearly no-one is available 24/7 to create messages .. so there must be ghost writers .. these are of variable quality and sometimes strike a false note .. not too surprising as this is a high speed , high octane site. It is also expensive and can swallow up your money quickly .. so nobody stays on the site more than 2 days. It's great fun .. but use it sparingly .. say once a month. Create a different character each month. It's like acting .. and full of surprises. The organisers and designers are brilliant

a delight to use

expensive .. possibly addictive