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    scam site

    In the beginning I though that I got in heaven - great response form local women and all of them really interested in you, but spending there a bit more time I understood that all that is scam.. all the girls will just try to make you chat for as long as possible and keep you spending credits, witch are pretty expensive.. so my advice - keep away from that site - total scam :(

    in a begging it is a good entertainment but that is all

    all they want is you to spend money for credits witch you need to replay to messages

    Fun but costly

    This site seems great late at night when you are lonely. I got several women all hit on me and we initiated flirtation, although I found it was largely me offering up what I wanted and the women who claimed to be from locality responding often in what look like English was their second language. Even after an extended period of time, nobody seemed eager to want to actually meet or correspond off of the site. I found that I spent 200+ on credits for messages in less than a week. That sounds a lot, but when the message credits work out at 80p each and you end up feeling like you are talking to somebody working for the site administrators in Europe, you realise that you are not going to find what you are looking for. Companionship is purely online.

    Boosts your ego for a short while, I stayed on for about a week.

    Feel like you are largely talking to people working for the site.

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