F-Buddy.co.uk, the dating website for people looking for ‘no strings attached’ sex is now officially the fastest growing dating site in the UK. The number of visitors to F-Buddy increased by 480% between April and August breaking all records for the number of new members. F-Buddy had more visitors in August than Cupid, eHarmony or DatingDirect putting it at 11th amongst all online dating websites according to Experian Hitwise data.

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    Fbuddy ... DO NEVER EVER USE !!!

    Allegedly in contact with 5 local women, nearly every one from Ghana or India !! ( no doubt later needing money to get home ? ) ???

    I had contact from 2 girls ... one from Ghana and one from UK, and the same girl / photos were used !!!!!!!

    The positive reviews you see, and there’s NOT may are also hoax reviews

    Please guys, don’t be caught out



    Everything ... expensive, frustrating and time wasting!!

    Not to be trusted

    I tried this site as it seemed all above board. However, since joining a week ago I have been bombarded by messages from non-existent subscribers. I receive several an hour and all seem to be from the London area (I'm in SW), it is just very frustrating to constantly receive notification of a message only for it to be an "inactive user", you are then unable to delete these messages. The site just suggest that you block all messages from those without photos, but possibly 50% of female users to not include a photo as they no doubt want to keep their id secret. On top of this of the 4 actual messages I have received 3 were just attempts to get my personal data, or try to get me to log into another unsafe website. The site take no responsibility for this at all. I believe this site to be unsafe and would avoid it.


    Large amount of false accounts
    Many scammers use the site
    The site refuse to take any responsibility for problems


    Utter rubbish website. I live in a village and apparently there's 35 local people on here!! Save your money, this is 100% scam


    The whole site


    ok I am going to tell the truth about this site for me a waste of money and many scammers I get lots of women talking me on a normal but after investigating this site it tends to be the same people attached to other sites asking you to pay to join other sites so my finding is this site sucks it not real. they say is a certain amount of money per month then take six months money.

    none pure Scam Scam Scam Scam DO NOT PAY YOU WILL REGRET IT


    Worth the effort

    Like most dating sites F-Buddy takes a bit of time to get going. It has a few fake profiles but because it's a paid site most of them are trashed quickly by the moderators. The main benefit is that there are loads of real women looking for casual sex - music to my ears! The ones that don't post photos on their profiles or who don't show their face are the ones you should contact first as they are 9 times out of 10 real - they just don't want to risk being recognised by someone they know. If you start chatting and get a good conversation going they will share photos with you.

    All in all I've met 3 women off this site in person and we've had a really good time. The sex has been great and it's eye opening to realise a lot of women want sex as much as I do!

    Can't recommend it enough for people looking for casual relationships. Everyone rates POF for casual hook ups but this beats it hands down - less weirdos.

    FYI - Kevin is not my real name. People might read this and even though I have no problem with using the site I don't want my friends or family knowing. People judge quickly I've found.

    less weird people
    lots of choice

    takes time

    The best place for casual sex

    I've been a member of F Buddy for years and it's been one of my go-to websites for a quickie.

    I've never had any problems in finding women who are up for it, and if you create a really detailed profile then you will have lots of women coming to you to ask to meet up. it might take a little while, but it really is worth it.

    I've always found the community to be really fun, welcoming and up for anything. I've made some good companions through this site and always look forward to seeing the new members who sign up.

    Lots of women, lots of people looking for fun.

    Takes some work

    All Adult sites casual site have a very similar problem more men than women. Fbuddy tackles this in a very straight forward way. It's free for women and men have to pay. I have tried to use a few and Fbuddy is by far my favorite. It has a lot of people and a very active community. You still have to do the work, but I've met 3 people and it's always been positive. You need to be realist it's not magic you still got to put the work in. The main thing you need to do is talk to the people without photos but do have description and logged in recently. These are more often than not real women who are concerned about being recognized, if you ask for a picture they will often provide them. Yep there are some dodgy people and you need to be careful. But this is pretty much the best.

    Big database lots of people.

    Odds still not in your favour. Men still out number women. Like any adult dating site.

    Wall to wall totty

    Never had as much sex in my life as I have had since joining this site. There's a limitless number of women just gagging for it.

    Lots of women

    Wish it was free but it's been worth paying for

    Big Scam!

    It is a big scam, you are a "popular person" until you sign up, then you will NOT get any response. Many ads have the SAME INFORMATION, it looks like the same person is putting them there!



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