F-Buddy Review - Takes some work

F-Buddy - Takes some work


All Adult sites casual site have a very similar problem more men than women. Fbuddy tackles this in a very straight forward way. It's free for women and men have to pay. I have tried to use a few and Fbuddy is by far my favorite. It has a lot of people and a very active community. You still have to do the work, but I've met 3 people and it's always been positive. You need to be realist it's not magic you still got to put the work in. The main thing you need to do is talk to the people without photos but do have description and logged in recently. These are more often than not real women who are concerned about being recognized, if you ask for a picture they will often provide them. Yep there are some dodgy people and you need to be careful. But this is pretty much the best.

Big database lots of people.

Odds still not in your favour. Men still out number women. Like any adult dating site.


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