F-Buddy Review - Worth the effort

F-Buddy - Worth the effort


Like most dating sites F-Buddy takes a bit of time to get going. It has a few fake profiles but because it's a paid site most of them are trashed quickly by the moderators. The main benefit is that there are loads of real women looking for casual sex - music to my ears! The ones that don't post photos on their profiles or who don't show their face are the ones you should contact first as they are 9 times out of 10 real - they just don't want to risk being recognised by someone they know. If you start chatting and get a good conversation going they will share photos with you.

All in all I've met 3 women off this site in person and we've had a really good time. The sex has been great and it's eye opening to realise a lot of women want sex as much as I do!

Can't recommend it enough for people looking for casual relationships. Everyone rates POF for casual hook ups but this beats it hands down - less weirdos.

FYI - Kevin is not my real name. People might read this and even though I have no problem with using the site I don't want my friends or family knowing. People judge quickly I've found.

less weird people
lots of choice

takes time

Kevin A does recommend F-Buddy to friends/family


Date: 29 januari 2017 - 15:57

By: Bert

Hi 'Kevin',

thanks for your review! I tried ShagCity before (which got horrible reviews on here) and found women drew out the conversations to earn money for the site (nearly all fake profiles). I actually find getting a one night stand easier at a bar! I wonder how long did the chats last of fbuddy to get to the shagging?


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