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Why Classic FM Romance will work for you - Find love, harmony and friendship in a safe, secure and trusted environment - Use our comprehensive matching system to connect with other like-minded people - All profiles are vetted so you can be confident that the people you meet are genuine - We have a large crowd of intelligent, music-loving professionals joining each week - Our great customer support team are always happy to help and answer your questions

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    Unfortunately, as with most Internet dating sites, Classic FM romance is no exception, because Internet dating doesn't work. Internet dating sites are notorious for time wasters. This particular platform however uses matching technology, which is flawed. My advice is, don't waste your money. Some of these sites are raking it in. If you want a relationship, go about it the old fashioned way.

    I thought they would be better, having a good radio station behind them. But I was wrong.

    There is not much I can say.

    very disappointed

    Just like other sites you think you are in contact with somebody and turns out to be some guy behind the computer who pretends to answer to you. BIG SCUM

    Misleading advertising

    I joined this site a couple of years ago. I live on the South coast in a rural location but, despite that, I got quite a good response and had several "first dates" although no one I met was suitable. However, I discovered was none of the men I either had messages from or met in person, were registered with Classic FM Romance. Indeed, they were on a number of totally different dating websites that included the Telegraph and Senior Dating which left me wondering why "safety" is stressed in the radio ads I hear for Classic FM Romance when your profile is available to people from a number of other unrelated dating websites.

    Seems to attract the more professional type.

    Expensive. None of the people I was in contact with were actually registered with Classic FM Romance, which would account for the fact that none of them listed "classical music" as their preferred listening which was mostly "pop music". As the age group I was interested in was between 65-75 this was a surprise!

    A useless dating site

    I have been described as a very attractive woman by friends, family & work colleagues. I am 68 and look much younger. I have a nice personality, am sincere, tertiary educated, well travelled, speak a few languages, good company, adventurous, creative and sophisticated. Did not get one single response on Classic FM though I do get a lot of responses on 3 other dating sites. Totally useless dating site. It is their software generated percentage ratings which contribute most to lack of success. If you like someone and they are 90% good for you and you 30% good for them you don't contact them and vice versa. Only 2 men I was interested in were compatible in % ratings in one session. My average was him 84% and me in the 40% - myself as the undesirable percentage. You look at the percentage and it is incompatible so you back off, while the other person is looking at your percentage ratings too and ....... backing off. I backed off and spent my money elsewhere. If you are told your % ratio-rated incompatibility before you start, it puts an end to it before it starts. Very romantic!

    % ratio rating would stop incompatible people from contacting you but I think adult human beings can work out their incompatibilities themselves after chatting rather than being hit by a string of deflating non-compatibility ratios before you even start

    I am an attractive, nice, sincere and interesting woman but I was left depressed and deflated by no response at all and the definite predominance of ratios where the male was 40% more compatible then I was and very fortunate that I am a professional counsellor so that I could pick myself up again. Tough if you get these results and can't.

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