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Last updated: 3 augustus 2019
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CheatersCloud - Find thousands of people looking to hook up and have an affair

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Cheaters Cloud reviews (7):

Cheaters Cloud - Great


This site is so amazing, I have met a couple of ladies off here but I am not looking for anything personal so I keep going back because of the good treatment that I get. I would recommend this site to anyone. I wish you all the luck that I had.

Mark does recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Awesome site if you need fun on the side!


Cheaters Cloud is the place to be if you want to have fun! I talked to a couple of women and both are amazing! I had set a date with Nicole but I cancelled due to work. She was so devastated she stopped talking to me. Then I talked to this lady. We talked for a while and I was disappointed because she said she wants to take it slow, but I trust in the process. We finally met recently. I'm unhappily married, she was like a breath of fresh air. She tried to send me her number but the site somehow blocks it, it could be because of how rampant fraud is these days. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be happy as I am now if I had not used this site! I recommended this site to one of my mates and he was very grateful!

It's a piece of cake setting my account. Women on this site look great and are polite.

I had experienced difficulty getting credits. You can't swap numbers, email, etc.

Adam does recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Worked for me


I know a lot of reviews have mentioned fake accounts but that hasn't been the experience for me although my English is quite good so maybe that helped me. Not everyone is good at English though, so I wouldn't judge anyone based on that alone.
I met a couple of guys from here, the first one being from London and it just didn't work out, unfortunately. The second was a guy from Essex who also met me in London and we are meeting for a second date this weekend so it's going well so far.
I was a bit cautious about arranging stuff as I am not single and needed to be discreet, but so far so good. The only problem I had was trying to swap numbers, the site doesn't seem to let you and there were a lot of very rude men who accused me of being a fake and lying about not getting their number but in all, it's not a bad site. A little bit expensive but I got my credits on a bulk offer so more than worth it in the end if it works out with the man I am now seeing.

Easy to set up a profile, I can use it on my smartphone and tablet so you don't need to use a laptop or pc to talk

Can't swap numbers, need a credit card (maybe a paypal option would be useful but I guess that would be hard to police to make sure no kids are using it, I know I had a couple of under age boys contact me but the site seems to block them quickly).
Abusive members - Men can get quite nasty if you don't want to meet them the same day. I can't do that so I got nasty messages a few times. There doesn't seem to be an option to block a member, only to refer to the company for review which can take time.

Katy L does recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Fake site


Donít fall for this scam,itís absolutely fake,ik female and they donít tend to text guys this way,those females on the site work for them
Also the rates are very high

Nothing at all

Fake all scam

Ryan does NOT recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Avoid and do NOT be sucked in


Absolute scam from beginning to end.
Enormously expensive messaging costs, with fake women.
The women are masquerading under false profile photos, will start off with very believable and exciting lines.... easy to fall for.
The actual locations are unknown, so the indicated locations of the girls are certainly not where the description lists.
The girls will keep you chatting, asking very enticing and forward questions.... all to lure you in further.
The girls actually work for the site and you will notice the broken English, so if they're from your home town, that better be Ghana or Nigeria.
They will keep you chatting and give you false hope of a hookup... but there will never be a hookup.
Do not entertain this scam website.
The people you chat with are possibly not even female.

None. It's a scam site.

The whole site is a scam.

Anton does NOT recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Ducking con


It's 1 big ducking con stay away


All of it

Kevs111 does NOT recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

Cheaters Cloud - Cheaters cloud review


Looks good and the females pictures are very attractive, which raises concerns; so many attractive females all on this site! Mmm

You pay £15 for 10 messages and when you message a female they seem to make sure they keep you messaging so you have to buy more messages at £15 or more messages for a higher price.

I don't believe these women are real and suspect they are completely false kept there to keep you spending money on messages.

I messaged 2 females to test this and I said I can't chat let's meet. ..our profiles matched in terms of hookups etc..but no...they keep you chatting because you spend more money on messages.

If ur happy to spend money talking to people at £1.50 a message go for it

Looks like you will never meet them but you can chat all day for a fortune.

Andrew does NOT recommend Cheaters Cloud to friends/family

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