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I know a lot of reviews have mentioned fake accounts but that hasn't been the experience for me although my English is quite good so maybe that helped me. Not everyone is good at English though, so I wouldn't judge anyone based on that alone. I met a couple of guys from here, the first one being from London and it just didn't work out, unfortunately. The second was a guy from Essex who also met me in London and we are meeting for a second date this weekend so it's going well so far. I was a bit cautious about arranging stuff as I am not single and needed to be discreet, but so far so good. The only problem I had was trying to swap numbers, the site doesn't seem to let you and there were a lot of very rude men who accused me of being a fake and lying about not getting their number but in all, it's not a bad site. A little bit expensive but I got my credits on a bulk offer so more than worth it in the end if it works out with the man I am now seeing.

Easy to set up a profile, I can use it on my smartphone and tablet so you don't need to use a laptop or pc to talk

Can't swap numbers, need a credit card (maybe a paypal option would be useful but I guess that would be hard to police to make sure no kids are using it, I know I had a couple of under age boys contact me but the site seems to block them quickly). Abusive members - Men can get quite nasty if you don't want to meet them the same day. I can't do that so I got nasty messages a few times. There doesn't seem to be an option to block a member, only to refer to the company for review which can take time.

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