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    Fake site

    Don’t fall for this scam,it’s absolutely fake,ik female and they don’t tend to text guys this way,those females on the site work for them Also the rates are very high

    Nothing at all

    Fake all scam

    Avoid and do NOT be sucked in

    Absolute scam from beginning to end. Enormously expensive messaging costs, with fake women. The women are masquerading under false profile photos, will start off with very believable and exciting lines.... easy to fall for. The actual locations are unknown, so the indicated locations of the girls are certainly not where the description lists. The girls will keep you chatting, asking very enticing and forward questions.... all to lure you in further. The girls actually work for the site and you will notice the broken English, so if they're from your home town, that better be Ghana or Nigeria. They will keep you chatting and give you false hope of a hookup... but there will never be a hookup. Do not entertain this scam website. The people you chat with are possibly not even female.

    None. It's a scam site.

    The whole site is a scam.

    Ducking con

    It's 1 big ducking con stay away


    All of it

    Cheaters cloud review

    Looks good and the females pictures are very attractive, which raises concerns; so many attractive females all on this site! Mmm You pay £15 for 10 messages and when you message a female they seem to make sure they keep you messaging so you have to buy more messages at £15 or more messages for a higher price. I don't believe these women are real and suspect they are completely false kept there to keep you spending money on messages. I messaged 2 females to test this and I said I can't chat let's meet. ..our profiles matched in terms of hookups etc..but no...they keep you chatting because you spend more money on messages.

    If ur happy to spend money talking to people at £1.50 a message go for it

    Looks like you will never meet them but you can chat all day for a fortune.

This website is not active anymore

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