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Last updated: 13 april 2018
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Right from the start GayRomeo has been a platform for the gay and bisexual male and transgender community. We are a place for dating, sex, making and meeting friends, sharing ideas and offering mutual support. Life should be a rich experience, and we want our community to reflect that.

We started local, just a network of friends in Berlin. We grew quickly, never expecting to become the global community we are today. We recognise that success brings new responsibilities. We take those responsibilities very seriously and we like to think that?s one of the things that makes us different.

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GayRomeo - Asick website rjnby sick discriminating cunts, mad


A very sick website,run by ugky sick discriminating cunts, made for sick ugly eslecially old tards who are misbreds of mother nature. When ur telling the truth, thry clean up ur account,when yoh get harrassed,thry simply tell you to block, while the sick person has 4 accounts, so they are dojng nothing about these sick people who harrass you, steal your pictures and pretend to be someone they are nit, gay community shoukd be shut off,when you cang adjust to your dnvironment,you should kill yoursekf,stop claiming to have more rights than others, disgusting

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