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Last updated: 29 juli 2020
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Flirting Shemales

Shemale contact adds - Flirt online with Shemales in the UK

Searching for a shemale in the UK? Flirtingshemales has hundreds of horny shemales waiting for you. FREE registration!

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Flirting Shemales reviews (4):

Flirting Shemales - Fake Scam Site


Avoid this scam fake site, or use 2 accounts and learn for yourself

You get to see multiple good looking trans, and the occasional naked woody photo

I used 2 accounts, different photo's, profile description, and at most totally different locations
Id say most user profiles are fake, stolen from Brazilian or Thai websites
I spent over 150pounds on credits, and never had 1 single meeting or received a mobile number either.
I used to receive numerous messages daily, on both accounts saying they lived in my town and wished to meet with me, but if you ask direct questions, the replys are almost instant, ignoring you original question, but cleverly asking you something else, like describing your ultimate fantasy, professional scam, maybe a handful of genuine trans, but the way the website was set up, searching by location, was next to impossible.
Im certain the website was created to dupe men into buying expensive credit repeatedly.

ANTHONY does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

Flirting Shemales - a big con first class


not one of the supposed people never turned up they said that they were free next weekend & on Friday said I am working all weekend 1 person said they worked as a waitress for somebody in a cafe then it was a cafe/bar that they owned lived in Beverley then Walkington & then Blackpool. another one said that they went into a pub nearby but it was closed up boarded up & a very high fence around as it had been for the last 15 years another person was a nondriving district nurse & lived at a very small village on the north york moors

there are none

yes it is a first-class con as all the replies are more or less word for word the same so do not have anything to do with it at all put your money in your piggy bank & go to only lads instead as I have had a good time on there.

george vok does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

Flirting Shemales - Save your money


Questions never answered, all ways more credit. A lot of promises for an empty bank balance. Save your money.


A money pit

Rachael does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

Flirting Shemales - Fake


Have contacted many of supposedly shemales that hve proved that the site is there for the sole purpose of getting one to buy credits.When you ask direct questions replies are always answered by more questions When trying to request a meeting they all come up with an excuse that they can't manage

james does NOT recommend Flirting Shemales to friends/family

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