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    Complete scam

    If you show any interest in a profile, they'll contact you and engage in conversation. They won't speak to you outside the site, using security etc. as an excuse. At around a £1 per message, it adds up very quickly. The profiles are fake, if you report a fake profile, they retire that profile and use another. The profile that contacted me made me suspicious because a) when asked where they were from, they said Leeds, born and bred. However it was obvious English wasn't their first language. They also wouldn't talk outside the site, despite being given both my FB account and phone number. Last but not least, their profile pic had a website logo on it, they couldn't tell me why.



    steer clear it's an expensive con

    i joined the site expecting to chat with and possibly meet like minded guys for friendship and maybe a bit of adult fun! after spending a lot of money on message credits(£1 each message) i began to see a pattern to the messages and while looking at faq on the site i found that is says "and profiles are fictitious and are only there to receive adult chat through paid messages and not for actual dating absolute con


    expensive messages to fake profiles

    A Con and a Waste of Time

    Be wary of this website as I believe it to be a con. After being a member for quite some time decided to respond to some messages, however they were highly suspect. Depite supplying both my email and Whatsapp details, the recipients refused to contact me this way, instead wanting me to buy more 'coins' (credits) so we could keep communicating One of them claimed the site would not alow people to pass contact details like this on. Rubbish. Also their 'coins' method of membership is a con and you would be likely to spend over 20 just for the privilege of messaging someone 20 times. AVOID/

    None AVOID


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