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Complete Scam

Review about Mystery Flirt

Yet another site where the women in the pictures do not exist!!! do not waste your money on this site as all the people supposedly on there are totally bogus, you buy credits to talk and trust me that is all you will do but hey for all you know it could be some hairy bloke on the other end of the chat, again they cannot email, Whatsapp, Skype or tinder because they simply do not exist. This is another in my opinion Fraudulent site taking money under false pretenses. Yes its free to join but you cannot answer the initial deluge of messages until you buy credits. Do Not bother wasting your time on these sites its simple the women you are chat5ting with simply dont exist. To those sites who know who they are please take me to court for defaming your companies.

NONE its a load of trash

Everything about the site buyer beware.


Review about OurSecretChat

For all i know you are probably talking to a man on the other side of the chat, i gave my email to 5 women but they all had a lame excuse not to email me. This is a money making site with all false identity's you are not speaking to the woman in the picture trust me do not use this site. Thats why its called SecretChat because you are not speaking to a real interested person, its time the Law clamped down on these fraudulent sites which are clearly ripping people off!! keep your money in the bank you will not find a woman on this site interested in anything other than taking your hard earned money for nothing. We have email, Skype, whatsapp and Tinder to chat but apparently none of the so called women on this site use them????


Just being on there!!!