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SCAM - Homophobic Staff and No real users! Give your £30 to charity and do something worthwhile....

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Their website is fake with the exact same users showing ONLINE at anytime of the day or night. They never reply and even after 7 days of site downtime those same users will still online the moment the service was restored. After contacting their customer services and complaining about 7 days downtime, The customer service agent felt it customary to change my profile orientation to GAY and update my status as "Loves Nasty Cock". This to me is homophobic, discriminitive and outright unacceptable. Stay WELL AWAY FROM THIS SCAM

Cant think of ANY to be honest, other than the ability to be a moderator for their site, constantly reporting those wanting Western Union Money Transfers before they meet you. They really dont take the hint that in no way my last 4 digits of a credit card along with a £30 Western Union Payment confirms I am not a serial killer.......

Huge amounts of downtime, Staff as helpful as a condom with holes, Expensive and many users "seem" to contact you but when you really look into it, these are system generated messages from computers not Humans!