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Last updated: 27 juli 2019
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Zhadoo will find your match. Play our popular meeting game and find matches! Itís easy to start a conversation.

Zhadoo is cell phone and tablet friendly. Keep in touch with that special someone wherever you are!

Zhadoo will never reveal your exact location, but we will help you find people with the same interest in your neighbourhood.

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Categories: Casual Dating

Reviews: 5

Zhadoo reviews (5):

Zhadoo - Bollocks fake site keep away.


Abby 19 con artist will keep you hanging on and cancel at last minute different girls claiming to be Abby, so conversations not what you were talking about. Leave the fuck alone take some good advice from a person that knows this piece of scamming shit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

None at all

Lose your money at £2 a message girls all fake only interested in taking your money.

Trev does NOT recommend Zhadoo to friends/family

Zhadoo - CON.


All a big con girls never turn up and cancel last minute, keep your money in your pockets coz you'll lose it all on here. Abby 19.keeps you going and let's you down every time. Keep well away.. If anybody else has had the same with abby 19 I'd be interested to hear your views. Again con site keep away......

No pros at all only loss.

None don't waste your time and money.

Poponmypole does NOT recommend Zhadoo to friends/family

Zhadoo - 100% SCAM


Yes a call centre with fake girls suck you in & cancel at the last minute. They just carry on & on trying to resurrect the scam. Someone needs to close them down,based in Netherlands.


Robert Cli does NOT recommend Zhadoo to friends/family

Zhadoo - SCAM


Tried to contact various ladies on hwre bur when you actually ask for a date and arrange to meet there's akways some drama ie mother slipped in shower hurt her hip gotta take her to hospital. Grandfather died in his sleep. Don't feel very well. And so on it gies excuse after excuse and not the cheapest of sites either! A LOT of fake profiles. Just google some of the pics to see what I mean. A total fucking rip off, s'cuse my French!!

Absolutely none!!

Pretty much everything about the site. Responses a lot of the tome bear no relation to previous conversations like you're talking to several different people even though it's supposed to be the same individual. Made me suspicious that in fact it was simply a call centre type of set up with different girls coming on shift at different times hence the ambiguity in terms of continuing the thread of a previous conversation.
So 'Pammie', this one is for you you fucking con artist!!
And all the others on Zhadoo

James does NOT recommend Zhadoo to friends/family

Zhadoo - is this a propper dateing site


you send a girl your number but stars come up this site seems to be a scam and a big scam take your money and nothing comes about it

no pros

yes a big fecking con

chris bedd does NOT recommend Zhadoo to friends/family

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