Swipe Secrets Review - What a disgrace

Swipe Secrets - What a disgrace


First of all, I have also made the mistake as well of topping up for 3 sets of 10 credits on this site, and at £15 each it certainly wasnt cheap to do that.
But now I simply use the tacky piece of toss of a site for entertainment purposes only, because I've no intention of ever buying again on there but it's still absolutely hilarious to keep reading it all the same.
I can't stop laughing my head off now at all the comments I'm getting every single day, from these pathetic yet still desperately gorgeous porn star looking sex maniacs & vixens & kittens & slappers and even virgins! Who are obviously desperate for their first piece of male 'sausage'.
What's even funnier though is some of them lose it in the 2nd or 3rd unanswered message, but one utter cretin sent me 5 messages and each one got more offensive and sweary than the last.
Who needs comedy on telly when you've got this to read when your bored eh lol.

It's hilarious (but for all the wrong reasons admittedly), and only if you haven't wasted a lot of money on there!.

Seriously it's a disgrace that people are allowed to run these sites with no conscience whatsoever. And it does prey on the lonely and dare I say naive single man, who obviously can't believe his luck at first.

Bill B. does NOT recommend Swipe Secrets to friends/family


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