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Last updated: 26 juli 2019
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SmashYourFriends reviews (4):

SmashYourFriends - Conned


Steer well clear of this load of bollocks site.

Nice photographs of girls to keep you interested.

Well I got 30 odd interested girls wanting to meet me, these girls from my next village 15 minutes away, population of about 200 so I worked it out that every other neighbour must be on this site!
There you have it what a load of Bull....t.

Dave does NOT recommend SmashYourFriends to friends/family

SmashYourFriends - As fake as they come


There may be a couple of real girls on here but I doubt it. The numbers don't add up. If you believe their membership figures then 1 in 23 of the UK population between 20 and 55 are members of this site, yeah right. In one small village near my location about 1 in 5 people are members. The vast majority of messages coming in seconds after I login show as exactly, to the minute, 5 hours behind the GMT time that they arrive. This suggests that the messages originate from CDT area in the US or Canada. Their server trace-routes to Arizona which is 7 hours behind so I suspect the timestamps come from operators or users machines in the CDT area. You will also notice the exact same phrases and punctuation appearing in messages. Phrasing may be common but especially in text slang there are usually differences between people. A handfull of messages did appear correct timestamps for the UK and those contained text that did not match any others I'd read and were more tentative in their language. So like I said there may be a couple of real girls on here, maybe. Every attempt is made to get you to spend money, for example text chats that are mundane at best but cost up to 39p each depending on the 'token' package you buy. Also virtual gifts that can cost 10,15,20 or 30 of those tokens. Up to £11.70 would be an awful lot of money to send somebody a virtual bunch off flowers!

Lots to look at and if you're just into fantasising then go ahead.

Extremely unlikely to hook up with anybody and it would probably cost you more than an escort would if you did.

Rob does NOT recommend SmashYourFriends to friends/family

SmashYourFriends - Scam


This site is really suspicious, if you try to subscribe they only give the option of man looking female and female looking female, what a coincidence that there is not an option of female looking male, then my question is , from where they get all the "real" profiles of all that women if you can't join with the option female looking for a man?

if you like just to watch you will find a lot fo material ;)


Reviewer does NOT recommend SmashYourFriends to friends/family

SmashYourFriends - Seriously fake site


You have to pay for membership to get access to the simple features such as viewing as many profiles as you like in a day. They have two levels of paid membership, basic and Gold. However, you cannot find anywhere on the site what the benefit of going Gold is. Sent a query to their helpdesk after a number of weeks requesting answers to a list of questions. Nothing was answered within even a week so I cancelled. A few no-noes that alert suspicions:
1) So many women parading nude on their profiles in close proximity? How can any website achieve such a density of horny women living within 5 - 10 miles of me?
2) SMS text feature - another paid for service - the texts do not get sent immediately, the replies arrive like at or near the same time on the following day.
3) Website messages from other members. They purport to have been sent at such and such a time, in which case why did I not receive the message in my inbox when I was actively on the site at the time?
4) Try searching for profiles outside your initial area - absolutely no way to do this apart from using the site's very limited random search. Even better, try changing your location which is something I did because I had moved. You still don't get profiles from the new locality, all the profiles showing up on your home page are from the original locality.

Steer clear of this website and its sister site Another thing is can you find any internet reviews of these websites that are from the female perspective? This would be most telling

Fun if you're bored out of your brain. At least someone, or more likely a computer, is doing some furious work behind the scenes to give the illusion that this is a real dating website. Also, whatever women are there working on SMS and sending fake messages are at least getting paid, or so I would hope. I'd like to find the adverts that are placed to find these workers cos I'd like some of that action!

Pay through the nose for a shoddy basic service, little onsite help, and laughable profiles.

colin does NOT recommend SmashYourFriends to friends/family

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