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  3. Write your review about is a dating site that has been created especially for singles aged over 40, 50 and 60. We offer all mature men and women an exclusive dating service that helps them to follow their dreams and brighten up their daily routine. It offers not just a chance to meet new friends or partners, to date and have affairs, but also a real opportunity to enjoy life and to love. Details

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This dating sites and its many associated sites take their subscribers as mugs.

Sadly the management of this site make no real attempt to wish to create a decent and trusted dating site. The level of deceit is so deeply rooted, and so obvious in the site that it would be worth complaining to Trading Standards over.

The ongoing trend with this site and its associated sites appears to be one of populating the sites members with false and misleading profiles of people who don't exist. I can only assume that so many organised and fake members exist because real ones are so thin on the ground. Using this site is finding there is horse meat in your beef burger. Yuk!

Realising you're being conned

Rubbish on an industrial scale

David does NOT recommend to friends/family - don't touch with a barge pole


You set up your profile, photos, etc. You'll get loads of interest, emails, winks, chat invites and so on to draw you in and encourage you to take out a subscription. Then.......nothing! You reply to emails received but get nothing back. You attempt to chat to the ones who wanted to chat but get no response. Then, the strangest thing!!! The local guys who emailed you and wanted to chat suddenly aren't local any more. They've relocated to Blackpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Hull, Manchester......... In other words, they're probably Silver Cupid staff manufacturing profiles and circulating them around potential new members to lure them in.

None, a waste of money


Gina does NOT recommend to friends/family - facts of life.


It is fact that since the beginning of this world neither male nor female could live alone. They always needed the companion for every walk in life. The Silver Cupid . com is doing a very good cause of searching the companion for such lonely persons.

Very nice effort.

Milton Isa does recommend to friends/family

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