ShagCity Review - shaft you city

ShagCity - shaft you city


for over 6 months chatting with same woman.Horny H
every time the date arrived the same day excuses unable to I put my plan in to work.i offered her 4000.00 pounds to spend a few days with me as I had a death in the family.yes you guessed it unable to because of she has brought in znadja male.and the things they say online are sick.the last straw for me was when she needed me to join them both thanks,so I would just like to
say if any of you guys come across HornyH PLEASE PLEASE GIVE HER A VERY WIDE BIRTH,SHE IS GOOD,
really good she will fleece you in no time.heather her name

I could say you have chats with pretty women,but as you never see them who knows ...

a very expensive way to spend your hard earned cash for no result.....

stay away from HornyH and znadja,they are deadly.i notice they are eyeing 20 year olds now.

jones does NOT recommend ShagCity to friends/family


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