Shagbook?....fantasy or reality

Shagbook?....fantasy or reality

Ok, tried this site, and again just to make sure. Totally wasted my money in my opinion.

Layout is ok and works, but limited to what you can do without being a full member. To be expected I guess, but maybe a daily allowance to at least view profiles that 'may' have viewed you......and this is where it goes a bit wrong!!!

When I say 'may' have viewed, there is an unbelievable amount of contact from profiles that are either totally false, or have no intelligence other than to copy and paste, word for word, a 'message'. I suspect the former.

Every day you will be inundated with messages from NEW and existing so called members, yet they are never actually written in a personal style and the content is very ambiguous, i.e. have been mass produced with no direct reference to any information you may have put on your profile.....and you see the exact same 'message' day in, day out from random 'members'. Hence the credability of these being genuine profiles, or maybe more to the point, having been sent by that person I think are dubious to say the least. You will also get these messages, but amazingly they havn't actually viewed your profile (how do they do that???)

Most of the time, the member who has viewed you is suddenly an inactive member, and if you do actually get a profile that you can reply to, half the time the message gets returned saying 'they have a filter on to block you as there is something not compatible on your profile'.

In summary, I would spend my money elsewhere, as there are a lot better sites where you will have more chance of actually getting to chat and meet like-minded people.

Struggling to think of any.......

Spoilt by the alleged messages you fact spoilt doesn't describe it. Totally wrecked is more appropriate.
Not good value, based on the fact that if you take out the spam messages, there is little left to go on.

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