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    must be you...... dont be a dick... you have to work at it

    yes there are cons on the site, arent they everywhere, but i have been on and off it for two years (the two years was because I hooked up with someone from there and had the best sex of my life ever!! Met three other women from there, had fun camming with three others and have two more to meet. Dont be a dick, engage in conversation, dont just ask for a quick bit or send them photos of your bits - you can do that later!!! Put some effort in, afterall you are paying for the pleasure. perhaps i should set up a service getting guys some meets lol!!

    real women ARE there..!! And boy are they good!!

    Yes there are scammers but lets be honest - what 23yr old is going to want you?? seriously!!!!

    Yes it is a con.........but

    I originally joined as a free member which was completely useless. Apart from being able to browse female profiles there was hardly any other benefits. I received a large ammount of mail from young glamorous ladies funnily enough ,all who semed to live in the same town as me!rnHowever I took the plunge and signed up for the 30 day special. Ensuring that my credit card was cancelled before the end.rnI found that filling out a good profile stating what I wanted, and what I would like in a lady, coupled with pics (not cock, only face) got results.rnI got chatting to several genuine likeminded ladies and actually met two for nsa sex..rnOne lived some distance away, and although the sex was good because we both rnworked, and had committments logistics took over and we stopped meeting.rnThe second lady called topptottie on the site is a stunner. Mature, sexy, great figure, and insatiable for sex. The bonus is she only lives 20 miles away. Although I've left the site I still get fantastic sex so I would say that two encounters within the 30 day period was a good return on my investment rnrn(doeg)

    Make sure you do a good profile and include a pic or pics.

    Lots of scammers, and fakes on site. I found that genuine women called me for a chat or sent an email attracted by the profile

    It worked for me

    I found sex in the UK genuine if you pay. I was contacted by real women. And had dates with 3 in 2 months, one women I did have sex with on our first meet. I then went on to meet her s a regular basis. I did not respond to any email unless I had sent that person an email first & I would not send face pic unless the women had texted me first this proves they are genuine. I have tried more expensive sites which have had less results . Sex in the Uk can be made local to wear your search area, 6 month deal seems best value on the web.

    Local, message service very quick. Profile easy to update. Loads of women on here.

    A great many generated emails but common sense should tell you the good ones.Difficult to work out how recent profile is.

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