Total scam

A nicely laid out and easy to use site, unfortunately like all other types of non subscription sites it is a total scam just set up to push punters into buying credits to message stunningly gorgeous woman allegedly looking for sex. Do not be tempted to buy credits on this site and advise your friends the same. Messages from the 'bots' are usually easily identified as they are in poor English and timings are way out. There is no way hot young women or any woman for that matter would answer messages within seconds at anytime time of the day or night if genuine, they would be too busy in bed. It is a shame as there is a need for a genuine service like this and if it was set up with only real people and the messages were cheap enough (bearing in mind that Whatsapp, Messenger etc offer free messaging) it would probably be very successful in time.


The whole site is a con.

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Waste of money goes after a few texts and then ends £16.00 for 10 texts joke

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