OurSecretChat Review - don't waste your money

OurSecretChat - don't waste your money


I signed up to this site and bought credits. The first few days I got almost a hundred messages a day. After working out which ones most appealed to me I messaged three women. They were all very keen till you want to meet. All they want is an other message.

It became obvious within a few messages that its all a con to get you to use all your credits and buy more. I believe you are talking to a room full of people who job it is to get you to use up the credits. It feels like they get paid per message they can get you to send. The only thing I can't work out is if it's a room full of men or women.

You get a lot of messages from all types and every type of sex is offered. Its great if you only want to fantasize about sex

No one is real. They only want to message through the site itself which is very expensive. They never want to meet in real life.

wayne does NOT recommend OurSecretChat to friends/family


Date: 18 juli 2019 - 18:05

By: BobH

I absolutely agree with the previous review. Its a con to get you to buy credits, the women are fictitious. They must have spent ages creating so many profiles. I had no photos or personal detail at all on my profile and I got over 100 long emails offering me everything and anything sexually not even knowing who I was or what I looked like

Date: 16 november 2019 - 12:29

By: NickT

Absolute fraudulent website. Complete scam to get you to buy credits, I don't believe there is a single genuine advert on there. Complete rip off.

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