MySecretSexcontact Review - Fake Girls so annoying!!

MySecretSexcontact - Fake Girls so annoying!!


Yes that's right- all the women who contact you are NOT genuine for dating. Only to chat and drain your credits out of the pot you banked. £22.50 lasts about one evening or less so it could get horrendously expensive for the unwary. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. Look for another site that is for genuine hook ups (although they all seem to have potential to harbour scammers and crooks within their list of profiled persons).
Still they do mention "fictional profile persons" in the small print but this is only obvious AFTER you go back and bother to read it. (after the suspicions about the site have grown.)

I think that the girls ARE genuine girls but they are only paid to chat to you on the site. That's all. If you are happy with that then it is OK for you, but they really DON'T make that clear as the reason for this website. Really underhand way of getting your cash!!

Not genuine dating and very deliberately unclear about that from the first visit.

If you want a chatting service then fine, but in a world of Whatsapp for free that would simply be crazy these prices!!

Many, many, many!! Go elsewhere for a dating service, Definitely!

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