MySecretSexcontact Review - Hugely expensive con

MySecretSexcontact - Hugely expensive con


Came across this site whilst looking for Tinder. Spoke with a supposed 26 years old woman Brande. She was extremely attractive and her story was that her parents had split up. She had supposedly just been badly hurt by her boyfriend. Her repeating theme was that she was lonely because "everybody" left her. I was totally taken in by "her" as she admitted living in Durham. (England). Over time it appeared as if I was being answered by a team of people as the quality of their English varied. At one time she said that she was not Christian but subsequently said she was going to Church of the Holy Cross with her family for Easter Sunday. Googling the church it turns out that the Durham in question is in the USA.

Excitingly compelling for the unwary.

Horrendous waste of money.

Dave Harve does NOT recommend MySecretSexcontact to friends/family


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