Stay well clear of this site.

Stay well clear of this site.

It's a very convincing site and looks very polished. I've had a good number of women contact me and chatted to some, but when I suggest going off site to email, they've all declined, obviously because they want me to use credits. But as I don't have a credit card, I have to pay £1.50 by phone for each message, so it starts getting expensive. And, as other reviewers have said, sometimes the language isn't quite right. Indicative of somebody to whom English is a second language. Also, when I have replied to any of the messages, I very quickly get a spurt of new supposed contacts. I'm thinking that the site owners think they've got me hooked and try and con me for more money. Not any more, guys...I've got you sussed now!! And anybody considering using the site should read the Terms and Conditions where it states that some (or maybe all?) of the profiles are fictitious and some of the messages can be fake!! Says it all, doesn't it?


Everything. A big waste of money. Total rip off..

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