Such a shame that this site is so obviously fake, because its a great idea, I. like so many others noticed very quickly that the replies were short and I believe are automated as they never replied to anything I asked, just more questions , from the scammers perspective I should imagine that this is a fairly lucrative business, but so many pretty women gave the game away as well as the short replies, at least I only spent £7.99 for 8 messages, i still have 5 left, but doubt if i will waste my time using them.
seriously guys, don't waste your money on this site. wish i had found these reviews first. but first few messages were free and i guess i got roped in like so many others. live and learn my friends.
it is registered in the Holland and owned by shockmedia.nl

Feels great until you realised you have been robbed

They will con you out of your money. and can be reported at http://wdprs.internic.net/

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