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I came upon this web site more or less by accident and checked out the reviews.Couldnt believe such blatant frauds and use of false profiles could be allowed to take place SO I joined the site and after a few days was getting 30/50 messages a day. My profile was false, no face picture and a location profile of a place with only 5 houses virtually in nowhere. Virtually all the texts were from "downtown" or "I am visiting on business" or"I live in the big house near to the gas station" and other such drivel.
Decided to keep it going and purchased the minimum amount of credits to allow "chat" which cost £15.
Honestly I've never had so much drossin my mail box,I could honestly say that ALL were false profiles and I totally agree with other reviews. ITS A BIG SCAM. YOU WILL NEVER MEET ANYONE AND ALL THEY WANT IS TO KEEP YOU CHATTING

There's none, some pics of female genitalia but you can get these in porn sites anyway

Big scam, fraud, has to be illegal and waste of any money for gullible people who join this site prior to reading the reviews. Bunch of thieving bastards if you ask me!

Sid law does NOT recommend LocalFling to friends/family


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