LocalFling Review - Localfling is a SCAM

LocalFling - Localfling is a SCAM


Not too sure how any one can be taken in by this. Join up and without any profile text or photo you start getting about 100 messages EVERY day. Then the alarm bells start ringing, message claims "Like your profile", what profile? Next that Northern Ireland is LOCAL to the East Midlands. Some woman with a garden pool invites you join her in it IN NOVEMBER! Lots of girls want to meet "Downtown", who in the UK uses the term "Downtown"?
Maybe some guys are so flattered that they can't work it out. If there were that many woman as eager for it you couldn't walk down the street.

Porn photos attached to messages that you can view.

Completely fake. They will send you all the dirty messages and porn you want at £1 a time. Can't view full size profile photos unless you pay (better/harder porn photos are free on xhamster). They edit your profile to very few characters and remove any contact details. If you find a mangled e-mail address it's for a cam scam. Unlike the "shagcity" site run by the same scammer they do at least show you the remains of your profile text.

Peter Hill does NOT recommend LocalFling to friends/family


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