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Forget dinner and go straight to bed!

That?s the philosophy of A unique site for singles to meet other broad-minded people who want only one thing: casual adult fun.

Sometimes in life you just want an uncomplicated fling and at Forget Dinner that?s what you?ll find. Lots of people who are up for a night of fun that may lead to something more ? Details

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Reviews: 2 reviews (2): - Fake as hell


Ventro are the site owners, they are scammers and money hungry fakes. As a female member, they would consistently use my profile to try and entice men. Fake winks and fake intro messages to men I have no interest in meeting. When I would pull them up on it, they would lie. There are very few real female profiles which is why they create so many fake ones, they're behaviour is creepy and disgusting.

Free for women

Our and out scammers - A total Con IMHO


Ok I thought i would try this site as I am single and didnt want anything too heavy.

The only girls online seem to be on for hours on an end every day ?? and some will respond to you but then when you sugesst a meeting up possible exchange of phone numbers they stop answering you.

Also tried finding the above girls in the near me bit but yet none of them show but all live a mile from me. Challanged one about local landmarks came up with a few shops ...which had closed months ago.

You get random messages all the time like check out my profile etc which havent come from genuine people. Again checking whos viewed me at 3 people how can I have 30 inbox messages. AVOID this site it wants reporting

They s

Good idea in principle but the only ones who pay are males ???

Random messages from people that will never reply the ones that do who are on your door step will run a mile when challanged.

Waste of money you would be better off on POF at least thats free for both sex's

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