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Welcome to Forbidden Fruit Dating, a new concept in illicit dating for intelligent, selective, mindful people.

Whether you?re here out of curiosity for illicit dating, thinking about taking that first step in married dating or actively seeking an extramarital affair, or even if you?re involved in an alternative relationship already and you just want to speak to like-minded people, you?ll find Forbidden Fruit Dating a blissful escape from the constraints of everyday life. Details

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Reviews: 13 reviews (13): - Happy times


This is a lovely website for naughty people. I have been a member since May last year, I joined through a friend that was already a member who recommmended it to me.

What I really liked was that no one judged you on your own circumstances, I am a single girl but an attached chap suits me more at this moment in my life. Other sites I have been on can often put you down and think you have some devious intention behind this and can't accept you just want to have fun but not with a string of one nighters or players. Everyone on the site is so genuine and has a very accepting attitude.

The first event I went to was a lunch in London, I was totally terrified but soon as I walked in a was warmly greeted by everyone and I felt so at home, pulled that night too Since then I have been to a few more of the socials and I always have a fantastic time, so much time and thought go into these, to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

FFD is one big naughty ball of fun. I would also recommend it to people who are also debating if this is the lifestyle for them, rather than go headfirst into something which risks so such, try out the forums and ask questions, you will always get honest answers and no one is going to push you into it, the aim of the site is happiness for you. If you do decide to investigate further join up and come to a social you will realise there is a big group of people that you can chat to about anything and everything, and who knows eventually you may end up finding your partner in crime there or on the dating part of the site.

I have enjoyed the journey and long may it continue

Real, friendly, caring, honest people
Fabulous social events
Fair fees for both sexes
The community feeling
It has a mobile site so you can view it easily from your smartphone

Can't really think of any, except when I use the mobile site I want to be able to use smilies easily

Susie does recommend to friends/family - Forbidden Fruit Dating - A genuinely friendly site


I joined this site just under a year ago while it was in its infancy. This is the first time I've been a member of a site where I don't think I'm getting scammed, or that I'm being ripped off. You have a feeling of indivduality, and are not subjected to a barrage of 'circular/spam' mails telling you 'somebody is interested in you' where its clearly a scam marketing email, trying to extract huge amounts of money out of you.

It has a genuinely friendly forum, where all sorts of things get discussed, and advice is given on how to conduct a successful illicit lifestyle, and kind words if things go wrong, along with all sorts of saucy fun and filth, but always in good humour, and never overwhelming or threatening. They have regular social events as well; I've managed to get to a couple in London, but they do have them over the country, and they are genuinely fun events, I've seen people arrive one their own, and leave accompanied, I unfortunately think I blew what was probably my best chance because I left early as I had a long journey home, and an early start at work....more fool me! And yes, there were some hot women.

I've met a few woman from the site now, and although I've now become good mates with a couple of them, although nothing has yet ended in any bedroom action, I don't think it'll be too long!

The first site I consider to being genuine.
Realistic membership fees.
No Bullshit, or scamming.

Could do with a few more women on the dating site in my area, but it's definitely growing!

Toshman does recommend to friends/family - A way to meet people in a safe environment... and


It's a big step to adultery for very many people and Forbidden Fruit enables you to make that step gently. There is a dating side and a forum side... it's fun to introduce yourself on the forum and my goodness, there are very many welcoming members on there. The Dating side is your typical internet dating site but there is always help at hand if needed.

You can attend social 'do's' via the Forum or just 'chat' (and believe me you get a lot of PM's from the opposite sex curious about you!). I have been in an affair (now finished) and I have to say the 'Ask Catherine' section (agony aunt type thing) was soooo helpful. I was in a bit of a turmoil and asked for some advice from the 'resident agony aunt' Catherine and agreed she could post the problem on a thread. Within no time, there was so many thoughtful and insightful posts which really really helped me sort out my problem and look forward.

Within no time I had a message from someone on FFD and at the moment we are exploring a possible relationship and I have to say... it is looking GOOD!!

Well worth investigating FFD I would say.

Friendly site
Easy to get help when you are not sure about what to do
Social Do's
Ask Catherine Agony Aunt for advice with problems and it's FREE!
Not a huge site with millions of members... the more personal touch really counts

None really ... probably needs more members but it's new and all the basics and how it's managed and operated is great.

I think there is a 'special offer' for new members so it won't be long before the site is just how it should be as far as members. The personal touch without being like a cattle market.

Janey does recommend to friends/family

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