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I joined this site just under a year ago while it was in its infancy. This is the first time I've been a member of a site where I don't think I'm getting scammed, or that I'm being ripped off. You have a feeling of indivduality, and are not subjected to a barrage of 'circular/spam' mails telling you 'somebody is interested in you' where its clearly a scam marketing email, trying to extract huge amounts of money out of you.

It has a genuinely friendly forum, where all sorts of things get discussed, and advice is given on how to conduct a successful illicit lifestyle, and kind words if things go wrong, along with all sorts of saucy fun and filth, but always in good humour, and never overwhelming or threatening. They have regular social events as well; I've managed to get to a couple in London, but they do have them over the country, and they are genuinely fun events, I've seen people arrive one their own, and leave accompanied, I unfortunately think I blew what was probably my best chance because I left early as I had a long journey home, and an early start at work....more fool me! And yes, there were some hot women.

I've met a few woman from the site now, and although I've now become good mates with a couple of them, although nothing has yet ended in any bedroom action, I don't think it'll be too long!

The first site I consider to being genuine.
Realistic membership fees.
No Bullshit, or scamming.

Could do with a few more women on the dating site in my area, but it's definitely growing!

Toshman does recommend to friends/family


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