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    absolute rubbish. Don't even bother to register

    More of the same. Absolutely no-one was willing to talk by mobile - they just want to spend your credits. I gave everyone absolute assurances of politeness, no hassle, but needed to talk to a person. Might as well have been talking to a Martian.

    I would give it NO stars if that were possible

    It's an absolute rip off


    paid for messaging and got only one instead of the full amount

    nothing at present


    After eventually getting through to and buying £16 of credits I eventually got 10 messages for my money. There were more excuses to keep me online and spend more money than Ed Murphy in the Nutty Prof .Av lost my phone said one. I don't feel safe except talking on the site said another .I think your wonderful but I need to know all about you said another . WTF did she want me to write my Life Story. I think you look great but how about we talk on here for an hour said another . FFS that would have cost about £300 .Then of course another who Messaged me 3 times said she didn't know what I was talking about could I explain more . All of this shit of course was to keep me spending on more credits .Also there payment site seemed a bit dodgy so I cancelled my Credit Card to be on the safe side as it looked to me as if they would just take your money out . Of course I could be wrong on that.

    Absolutely sweet Fukk All nothing at all. By the way the ones that I wanted to talk to and literaly 100s so called messaged me were no Young Models all were of the same age roghly as myself. Am no handsome hunk and neither were they BeutyQueens. So from 1 to 10 this site gets absolute zero even lower in fact because you cant pay them through paypal .No wonder the Wanker who owns the Site is a Multi Millionaire.

    There are that many that it would take hours but ad say the worst was them directly getting Credit Card and Debit Card details . In otherwords they could take Money off of your credit card when they wished . To sum up stay well away from it and give them SFA sweet Fukk All .

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