British Sex Contacts Review - ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF RUBBISH!!

British Sex Contacts - ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF RUBBISH!!


Thankfully I only threw away £20 on this site before realising something was wrong. You go through all these profiles of women that I now believe don't even exist. The profiles make out they're horny, not looking for drama, want to meet you NOW, until you start chatting, burning through your credits in the meantime.

Very strange that on THREE occasions the moment you mention meeting up the conversation either goes dead or they're like 'oh no babe, I'd like you to tell me what else you like'. A REAL woman, with everything said in her profile and the conversation she'd just had with you, would be tripping over herself to meet you. This is simply an online version of those chat lines, keep you talking as long as possible with a fake profile, meanwhile your using credits and spending money trying a set up a hookup that will never happen.

Did a reverse Google search on the images of the three women I thought I was talking to and found they'd simply been harvested from various porn sites. This site is a total scam!


Yeah, the profiles look inviting...

Pity the profiles are fake

Raymond does NOT recommend British Sex Contacts to friends/family


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