Totally agree

Up to a point anyway! I joined BeNaughty several times on a 3day pass, forgot to cancel next thing I know a big wedge is missing from bank account! Repeat billing is bad! should ask first or opt in! The Forum was good but had the same people on thre day afer day who seemed to take offence if anyone questioned what they said! Very heavily moderated to be PC! Ironic can't talk about sex on a sex site! £15-20 quids a month is ok £40 quids is not! I know you get "discount if you join for along time, but who wants to join for 6 months straightaway? Did get LOTSof 18-35 yr olds sending flirts! Did find a few genuine people and chatted away and exchanged emails etc! even arranged a meet up, but she "fell down the stairs and smashed her teeth and her face was swollen" Luckily this was before I'd set out, so was probably genuine! After that did not answer my text/calls! Had a good time in the forum for a while bayt as I said it got repetetive! Good thing is that several of the forumites, used to arrange gettogethers. I never atttended any as were either in London or York and I couldn't afford the travel/hotel costs involved! Would I join again, maybe, if I won the Lottery!!

Good intelligent people on the forum. Occcasional genuine person on site!

far far too many scammers. If I was asked to Yahoo once it was 200 times! In a month!!!

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