Ashley Madison Review - If you want a little excitement at a high cost go ahead!

Ashley Madison - If you want a little excitement at a high cost go


First read their terms and conditions in great detail. Even if you sign up for a limited or fixed term with no renewal they will ignore this and continue to dip into your finances. To get out you have to pay. Is the site worthwhile? Doubtful. In their system Manchester is within 20 miles of London. Not exactly UK local! Send a message and that will cost you. Really is a total waste of time. You may have some enjoyable conversations with ladies looking for a little on line excitement but that is all!

Tittilating at best!

Downright fraudulent with all the deceptive tricks in the book. I think they could rewrite the book on deception and add a few new ones!

James does NOT recommend Ashley Madison to friends/family


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