The Adult Hub Review - Suddently some unknow Lady starts talking BUT no info about her...

The Adult Hub - Suddently some unknow Lady starts talking BUT no i


I have been using the site from Dhaka, BD. I agree with other reviews. I can communicate with any members without paying the Admin. I was sitting in chat room , suddenly a girl knock me & inviting me to go to her place (home) for fucking without giving any single info about her self. She just mention a place name in Dhaka City that's it. After talking with her , I am concern about security because if i consider about present social condition then these kind of activities should be done with Trustworthy person. I mean , need to build up Trust first then action but I got surprise after talking with her. She use to talk in such way that either I should take the proposal or leave her if I am not interested . Take it or leave it.

If you anybody here if you gone through such situation please share your story.

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