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Last updated: 11 augustus 2019
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OurSecretChat - TOTAL SCAM


For all i know you are probably talking to a man on the other side of the chat, i gave my email to 5 women but they all had a lame excuse not to email me. This is a money making site with all false identity's you are not speaking to the woman in the picture trust me do not use this site. Thats why its called SecretChat because you are not speaking to a real interested person, its time the Law clamped down on these fraudulent sites which are clearly ripping people off!!
keep your money in the bank you will not find a woman on this site interested in anything other than taking your hard earned money for nothing. We have email, Skype, whatsapp and Tinder to chat but apparently none of the so called women on this site use them????


Just being on there!!!

Ken does NOT recommend OurSecretChat to friends/family

OurSecretChat - Do Not Believe any of it , it is all a FAKE and a


I joined this on Thursday, got bombarded with messages many lonely young women who would never struggle with finding any body,other older women looked normal keeping up the pretence of being real, it kept me up well into Friday , you have to keep buying credits , on Friday got messaged a couple of people , seemed ok but conversations were getting strange, one minute we are talking about walks along the river and gardening , next thing I am being told how much they want me to have sex right away, you get keen then they say they do not want to rush into anything , i was so into two people that i asked them could they not contact me via Whatsapp , no they do not have it , they do not do social media , they only want to do it on site , it is a very cynical way of getting money out of lonely people , they are very good at it to begin with ,but before long you realise they are not in your own country, the site is in The Netherlands , their terminology is different , when reality kicks in and you realise how fake it is and how you have been scammed I spent over £170.00 in credit ,you ignore the Nigerian Princes,stay away from this site , go to Plenty of Fish ,you may have Success, you have a fighting chance , at least they are real people and you will not be conned

Waste of Time, Money and the worst thing Emotions

Mike does NOT recommend OurSecretChat to friends/family

OurSecretChat - Donít Bother joining


This site is a total scam, as per previous contributor mentioned, I back them wholeheartedly. Their messages on this site get more involved and intriguing as they work out answers to your previous replies and although I only purchased 3 lots of 10 it was obvious that the people returning messages were not the people in the picture. Pictures not matching the age group stated, women who said their husbands were not giving them attention when they say they are divorced. Women saying why donít you post a pic when there is a pic already and vice Verda. Itís a sham and a scam. I think if someone opened a genuine sex contact site they would make a fortune as word would get round and these charlatans would close down. Stay away from this site, they want your money dishonestly

Well laid out site

Cons, precisely it is a big con on there

Mike does NOT recommend OurSecretChat to friends/family

OurSecretChat - don't waste your money


I signed up to this site and bought credits. The first few days I got almost a hundred messages a day. After working out which ones most appealed to me I messaged three women. They were all very keen till you want to meet. All they want is an other message.

It became obvious within a few messages that its all a con to get you to use all your credits and buy more. I believe you are talking to a room full of people who job it is to get you to use up the credits. It feels like they get paid per message they can get you to send. The only thing I can't work out is if it's a room full of men or women.

You get a lot of messages from all types and every type of sex is offered. Its great if you only want to fantasize about sex

No one is real. They only want to message through the site itself which is very expensive. They never want to meet in real life.

wayne does NOT recommend OurSecretChat to friends/family

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