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Last updated: 7 juni 2019
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Do you fancy a sexy flirt or are you looking for an exciting time? Here at MySecretSexContact, everything is possible and as anonymous as you want it to be! You 'll find the most appealing women and men that suit your preference. New members are signing up everyday to find more adventure and passion in their lives. Life is short, so why not enjoy it! Make sure you don't miss out and sign up right now, here at MySecretSexContact.

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MySecretSexcontact - What a Scam


I am currently doing a PhD in Socio-Anthropology and am doing a thesis on the rise of these dating/hookup sites.

Within about an hour it became very clear that a large number of these "matches" were in fact connected to the site in some way. This is the 21st Century, and these women appear to have missed the phone/email/social media phenomena leaving the site as the only place to contact them on, but as a socio-anthropological study it became quite intriguing! These women would have to sleep at some time, would have to work at some time, and yet even when in a night shift these women were still there. So I used some of my thesis budget to buy some credits, to see how these women were able to continue for days on end, and set some undergrads to respond.

The results were incredibly interesting, however. With a distinct change in shifts at 10pm and 6am and 2pm, it became obvious with the change of tone and of language that these were not the same as before

Socio-Anthroplogical goldmine

Total scam

Tom does NOT recommend MySecretSexcontact to friends/family

MySecretSexcontact - Legalised scamming


All the above reviews are true, but in my opinion most of the girls work for the company and send you messages to get you to reply,Mobutu don't want anything but emails. It is bloody expensive and not worth it


The whole site is a con

Stevebluee does NOT recommend MySecretSexcontact to friends/family

MySecretSexcontact - I think its a scam


Its true that no women would write more than 20 words and it seemed that most the women are fake. They won't send you even a single extra message unless you reply.... And the subscription is not cheap... there are other proven websites to buy subscriptions even cheaper than this.

no pros... only cons

its fake... dont use it...

lehard does NOT recommend MySecretSexcontact to friends/family

MySecretSexcontact - is just crap!!joi


Joined and bought the offer pack of credit.

It was soon clear that no woman wrote more that 20 words in reply to anything I wrote them. This means that you use lots of credits getting very little information about the girl you are supposed to be chatting to, also it is clear that most of the woman on here are in another country to you.


Everything about the site if a ripoff!!!

Stevie does NOT recommend MySecretSexcontact to friends/family

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