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ShagParadise - ShagParadise Scam


This site charges for each mail you send min £1.25 up to £1.65 and to get them at £1.25 you would have to buy £249 to buy the 200 credit pack. I have messages over 100 members on this site and despite some messages exchanges of 30-40 messages none of them actually wanted to meet for coffee let alone anything else. They are all message trolls just trying to get you to use all your credits up so you buy more. So my experience is 100% Trolls. Which is another name for lying theives.
Do not waste time and money on this site - you have been warned.


Thieves and liers
Take your money and deliver NOTHING for it
You are funding some stealing rat's next Porche

Lee Donogh does NOT recommend ShagParadise to friends/family

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