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British Sex Contacts - This is a SCAM- Machine operated


DO NOT USE THIS SITE- since u login to this site, u will receive texts from random women who r not exist and attract to u that they r horny for u, but in reality they r never exist. Iíve spent £60 but nothing get in hand. All the girls said same dialogues, when it comes to meet they will ask u, they want to know more abt u. Each msg will take a £1 off from ur credit which is way expensive and the girls made the conversation longer n lengthy. This site is operator operated, there are no such a girls in this site. Iíve been texting random girls n they all wants heavy sex from u but they never come to the points, how u meet them. This is money making n a fraud site.

Nothing, make u excited for a while in a fake imagination.

Waste of money n time. They will reply ur msg straight after 2-5 min n rob u off.

Mr X does NOT recommend British Sex Contacts to friends/family

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